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28/01/2016 0 Broadband

Web Hosting

HRiNS relies on a grid of high-tech servers and server software to provide the most advanced Hosting services in the entire country. Our staff, comprising of highly qualified professionals work 24/7 to ensure that the highest quality and uninterrupted service is delivered to our clients.


We employ the latest software and hardware devices in our hosting services. We strive to boost our potential with every new discovery and every new customer. We are masters in our field and can proficiently design isolated hosting environments when required.


We offer dedicated servers and work tirelessly to deliver the best to our customers. Our servers are fast and capable of running all kinds of scripts. We pride ourselves in the consistent performance of our servers. Through the years, we have delivered reliable service to our clients. Not only do we guarantee strong servers, we also guarantee secure servers.


Security is a top priority with most clients. Finding a server is not hard, but finding a secure server is a daunting task. We are here to provide you with the most secure service you will ever find. Our tried and tested servers are tight. They have strong backup servers to protect client data in case of emergencies.


We help our clients make the best of their businesses empowering them with security, cutting-edge technology and professional care. We take care of their server needs so they can concentrate on their goals better. Once secure, clients can double and triple their results. This is a proven fact.


We also offer Linux and Windows support when required. Our team of professionals is ready to answer queries and help out our clients whenever   a need arises. Even now, a large number of websites and email services are hosted by us for various companies and institutions in Iraq.

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