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04/06/2016 0 Broadband

Sub-ISP Solutions

High speed internet is the need of the hour. People all over the world are becoming increasingly reliant on fast internet for their businesses or work, even everyday communication. In the light of this requirement, wired connections are not always feasible especially on the road.

Bringing the vision of internet in every hand, our sub-isp solutions (Sub- Internet Service Provider) include towers, electricity sources, wires and wireless connections, users accounts control panel and also special services servers.

We pride ourselves in having connected several esteemed corporate clients via our sub-isp solutions since our launch.

We have also introduced emerging technologies like Mobile Applications, tablet PC Applications, Responsive Website and Location- Based Services. In our effort to provide our clients with the best, we are also proud to share the ongoing development of our own mobile applications. These we hope to add soon into the group of solutions we are providing our clients.


We also provide several other services. The in-house applications offered to corporations are the best ones available in the country. These are applications that assist in day-to-day operations of businesses. Our experts have developed custom applications in various fields. Right now, these are available in Accounting, Management, Content Management and Inventory. We hope to add more soon.


Our team of experts is here to assist you with optical fiber and networking. Our company has done many projects when it comes to fiber optics services such as Karbala’s stadium, the project of (Qi Card) and more. Through our services and a team of experts, we have the ability to perform any project that requires optical fiber solutions at any level. Your business will grow once you implement some of our internet services and solutions.


All of these together will help us deliver more than what we promise. That is our motto as a company. We are excited to offer more to our customers as we continue on this journey together.

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